Wireless H2S Gas Detector

wireless H2S gas detector
Wireless H2S gas detector provides a real-time monitoring where the result can be accessed from any location.

H2S or hydrogen sulfide monitoring is very important for a confined space work supervision. It is because H2S can result fatality to human in concentration more than 500 ppm.

Wireless H2S gas detector offers advantages that are not owned by conventional H2S detector.

The main advantage is the wireless capability that increases worker protection to the next level by giving safety personnel real-time access to detector readings and alarm status from any location for better visibility and quicker incident response.

Example of Wireless H2S Gas Detector

Wireless gas detector from RAE System MBB3-A1C112E-42M has the ability to detect H2S gas. This is a good example of wireless H2S gas detector.

Besides H2S gas, this product can also detect others gases such as LEL, carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen content (O2).

By having this product, you will only need to take one tool to measure four important gases in just one measurement.

Below here are the other main features of RAE System MBB3-A1C112E-42M, H2S detector with wireless technology:

  • Specially manufactured as confined space kit
  • Able to detect H2S and LEL, CO and O2 at one time
  • Remote alarm notification
  • Provides real-time access on H2S reading and can be accessed from any location
  • Very versatile and can be customized for many different applications
  • Has large display
  • Uses battery, plug-and-play
  • Comes with replaceable pump and sensors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatic test and calibration
  • Has more than 30 interchangeable sensor options
  • Contains 50+ combustible gases and 180+ volatile organic compound (VOC) on board gas libraries
  • Continuous data logging applications

To get more information about this product, you can visit Amazon.com.

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