What You Need to Know About Liquid Silicon Rubber

Amazon ImageLiquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) is a thermoset molding that involves mixing two components, heating and curing the mixture using a platinum catalyst to produce a final product. Liquid Silicon Rubber parts are usually formed through n injection-molding procedure comparable to that of conventional plastic injection molding but has one major difference — the material delivery system is cooled and the mold is heated. Custom Molded Rubber can be used to fit one design and shape as desired.

The end product of this process has very excellent properties such as: excellent chemical, thermal and electrical resistance, they are strong and elastic. They also maintain their physical structure and can withstand sterilization.

They are bio-compatible thus they work very well for products which come into contact with the skin. With this kind of properties they are usually used in various fields such as automotive medical and food appliances product which are usually Custom Molded Rubber to fit the consumer demand and description in form of gaskets, valves, seals, and cables.

Liquid silicon molding rubber fabricates medium to high capacity rubber parts more professionally and cost-effectively compared to other molding processes.

This type of molding has the following benefits compared to other processes e.g. LSR molding ingredients are mixed in a closed system deterring chances

of contamination with foreign impurity, LSR molding sequence time is calculated in seconds as compared to minutes which are used in other methods, drift/flow properties of liquid silicone rubber makes it excellent for molding strong and smaller parts, LSR process generates less waste material as compared to other methods.

The drift/flow characteristic of LSR also make it vital to fabricate an exactness tool which have great ability to withstand temperature variations in the molding process. This kind of process allows one to produce different custom molded rubber materials and shapes without having to incur a lot of expenses.

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