Welding Machine Daily Inspection Checklist

Welding machine has to be checked before being used. This is to make sure that all things are in safe conditions. We have to make sure that welding clamp, cable, ampere meter, and etc in good conditions. A welding machine daily inspection checklist is recommended to be used since we will not forget things to be checked.

Whether we manage our own welding machine or contractor’s welding machine, a welding machine daily inspection checklist is of importance.

The checklist must contain all of parts of a welding machine and its related facilities.

The checklist must be completed before a welding machine is used. And finally, after it is completed and reviewed, a conclusion can be issued whether the welding machine can be used or not.

Welding Machine Daily Inspection Checklist (in PDF)

If you are now trying to make your own welding machine daily inspection checklist, the following downloadable checklist would be helpful.

You can download them and make adjustment to be fitted with your company requirements.

It is also recommended that the checklist must be attached to work permission form or sheet. And do not forget to review the checklist regularly to adopt any revision or improvement from incident or audit finding.

Here are the examples of welding machine daily inspection checklist.



And the following checklist includes related facilities with welding and cutting work. These checklists can be combined with welding machine checklist to make it complete.

welding and cutting inspection checklist

welding operation checklist


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