How Do Vacuum Ejectors Work?

Amazon ImageHow do vacuum ejectors work? Vacuum ejectors are used to create vacuum for a process. Vacuum ejectors work in combination with barometric condensers.

Barometric condenser changes condensible vapors from a process into condensates. Meanwhile, non-condensible vapors or gases that could not be removed by barometric condenser are removed by vacuum ejectors.

After condensible and non-condensible vapors or gases are removed from the system, vacuum condition is created.

To see how the system is designed, just follow this link.

Vacuum ejector is also called by steam ejector since it utilizes steam a moving media.

An example of barometric condenser-vacuum ejector system application is in vacuum distillation unit.

How Do Vacuum Ejectors Work?

The following animation video will show you how vacuum ejectors work.

There are many application of vacuum technology in chemical industries. To learn more how this technology is used in this industry, a book from Wolfgang Jorisch about Vacuum Technology in the Chemical Industry will tell you in details.

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