Top 10 Potential Hazards In The Workplace You Should Always Aware

Amazon ImageHave you ever spared enough time to think about potential hazards in the workplace? Or do you carry out potential hazard identification regularly in the workplace?

Many accidents happened in the past because people did not carry out appropriate efforts to identify potential hazards in the workplace. So, they would not take adequate preventive actions to eliminate, reduce or provide proper controls for those potential hazards.

This article is written to help you identifying common potential hazards in the workplace. However, please do not stop there. Identification of potential hazards is just the beginning. You have to take actions to prevent those hazards turn into accidents.

Top 1o Potential Hazards in The Workplace

Amazon ImageI am trying to uncover my own experiences the top 10 potential hazards in the workplace, which are naturally found in any type of workplace in any industry, not only chemical industry.

Before seeing the top 10 potential hazards in the workplace, I think it had better to remind you about hazard definition. According to Ontario Ministry of Labor, occupational hazard is a thing or situation with the potential to harm a worker. That should give a clear explanation.

Without spending more time, let us see the top 10 potential hazards in the workplace:

1. Falling hazard

2. Chemical hazard

3. Electric hazard

4. Cutting hazard

5. Slip hazard

6. Fire hazard

7. Falling object hazard

8. High temperature hazard

9. Sharp edge hazard

10. Extremely low temperature hazard


Potential hazards in the workplace needs to be identified from time to time and it should become a regular safety activity. But, do not stop there. Follow up actions are required to prevent those potential hazards into accident.

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