How Does a Thermodynamic Steam Trap Work?

how does thermodynamic steam trap work
How does a thermodynamic steam trap work? How does it separate and discharge condensate from steam line?

Thermodynamic steam trap has a unique operating rule which relies on the dynamics of water and flash steam.

Thermodynamic steam trap is:

  • simple
  • robust
  • reliable
  • can work up to very high temperatures and pressures.

Components of a thermodynamic steam trap include outer cover, inner cover, peripheral outlet, valve disc, inlet, flat sealing face, air venting ring and valve control chamber.

Only the disc is the moving part in thermodynamic steam trap. This makes maintenance work easy.

To learn how thermodynamic steam trap works, you can watch the video below.

How Doest A Thermodynamic Steam Trap?

Animation Video-1

Animation Video-2

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