How to Do Steam Trap Commissioning

steam trap commissioning procedure
Steam trap commissioning is the first step to do when you are going to start-up whole steam distribution system.  Correct steam trap commissioning procedure is very important since it will affect steam trap lifetime.

On the other hand, wrong steam trap commissioning will give bad impact. Steam trap commissioning cannot be separated from whole steam distribution system commissioning or start-up.

If you often find steam trap leakage in the plant site, one reason that you should check is steam trap commissioning procedure. Evaluate how you do that.

Based on my own experiences, steam trap broken was happened when it received over condensate (overload) at once.

How to Do Steam Trap Commissioning Correctly

Amazon ImageThis is what I usually do for steam trap commissioning. The procedure is simple. Here are the steps:

  • Open all bypass valves and block valves of each steam trap.
  • Start steam pipe heating up. Supply low pressure steam at first. I usually set it at 5 barg (superheated steam is better). At this step much steam condensate will be generated. But do not worry since it will flow through bypass valve of steam trap.
  • After several time (suppose 30 minutes or so), pipe is already heated. Bypass valve of steam trap can be closed.
  • Watch each steam trap. Make sure it works, I mean it removes condensate from the system.
  • Increase steam pressure gradually. Control the speed to adjust steam trap load.
  • Finally, bring steam pressure to the normal pressure.

So far, I have no problem with steam trap leakage due to lack of steam trap commissioning procedure.

Or do you have better steam trap commissioning procedure than above? If yes, I am happy to hear it from you all.


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