Steam Line Startup Procedure

steam line startup
Steam line startup is quite simple and may take short time to do. But, if this startup is done with wrong procedure, some steam trap may be broken due to overload.

According to my experiences, steam supply company has steam trap broken problem within short period of operation. It is because when they have operating problem and steam supply should be stopped, they do not carry out steam line startup correctly. They never open by pass valve of steam trap before re-starting steam supply

Long piping may be the reason. May be, their operators have not enough time to do correct startup procedure.

If you have the same problem or want to learn the correct procedure of startup, please read on.

Steam Line Startup Procedure

  1. Open all by pass valves of steam trap, drain valves and vent line at the end of supply line.
  2. Carry out steam line warming up by supplying low pressure steam
  3. Much steam will be condensed and will be removed through by pass valve of steam trap.
  4. Check that steam condensate flows through by pass valve of steam trap, drain valve and vent end.
  5. Warm up the line until its operating temperature.
  6. If the temperature is already reached, close all by pass valve of steam trap, drain valve and vent end.
  7. Watch the steam traps. Make sure that they work correctly.
  8. Increase steam pressure slowly to the normal operating pressure.
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