7 Best Smart Phone Apps for Chemical Engineers

smartphone app for chemical engineers
Now having smart phone is like holding office in hand. This is also true for chemical engineer. Today’s many smart phone apps are available for chemical engineers to support their daily jobs.

From doing simple unit conversion to calculating pressure drop can be executed by smart phone apps.

Piping or fitting material selection can also be done by smart phone apps.

This is truly amazing. No thick handbook, no hassle.

There are free or paid smart phone apps that chemical engineers can select. For me, free apps are good enough and they are really helpful.

Here are 7 best smart phone apps for chemical engineers.

7 Best Smartphone Apps for Chemical Engineers

No. 1 Chemical Compatibility
This app is created by Lambda Associate LLC. You can use this app to know material compatibility with chemical substances or vice versa. The compatibility is rated by the following rating: excellent, good, fair, severe effect and n/a.

No. 2 Chemical Engineering Dictionary
Want to know certain term used in chemical engineering field? Just install this smartphone app. After that, type in the keyword or phrase you want to know the explanation. This app is from Julia Dictionary Inc.

No. 3 Steam Property
Steam property is very common data used in chemical plant operation. This steam property calculator is one of the best smartphone app for this purpose. Enter pressure and temperature to get steam properties. Saturation option is available.

No. 4 Smart Converter
This is a simple app for converting unit. Unit conversion can be done for such fields like energy, pressure, torque, area, capacity, temperature, and many more.

No. 5 Flange and Pipe Dimension
At the design stage, knowing flange and pipe dimension is very important. This app will help you knowing this quickly.

No. 6 Pipe Hydraulic Calculator
By using this app, you can execute determination of bursting pressure, pipe wall thickness calculation, allowable stress and pipe outside diameter.

No. 7 Electrical Calculation
As chemical engineer, in some case you still need to know how to calculate voltage drop through a power cable, active power, electric power, voltage, cable sizing, resistance calculation, capacitor calculation for motor and so on. This app is really good app.

To install these smart phone apps, you can visit Google Play store.

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