How To Select Hose Clamps For Compressed Air

hose clamps for compressed air
Sometimes you will encounter a situation where you need to install temporary compressed air hose. It may be used for flushing a pipe line, doing pressure test or cleaning up a dusted area.

Connecting hose to an existing compressed air piping requires hose clamps. Hose clamps for compressed air should be able to stand at the maximum possible pressure and temperature.

Selecting hose clamps for compressed air has to be done carefully. If not, hose may be dislodged from the piping. And if this happens, an accident will likely to happen.

How To Select Hose Clamps For Compressed Air

Do not underestimate the importance of hose clamps. Select it carefully to get the right ones.

To select the right hose clamps for compressed air, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the right hose clamps size. For doing this you should know hose diameter.
  2. Steel hose clamps are better especially when it is exposed to humid environment.
  3. Know the compressed air pressure. If the pressure is 75 psi, then recommended hose clamps rating is 150 psi.
  4. Do not forget to buy spare hose clamps. It is very important.


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