15 Scaffolding Safety Precautions You Must Know

scaffolding safety precautions
Falling from height is one of the obvious hazards from scaffolding operation. Some scaffolding safety precautions need to be done to prevent injury and death. These must be completed before any scaffolding operation started.

Every worker who involves in scaffolding operation must aware with these safety precautions since if he or she fails to complete them, they will harm not only his life but also other workers’ safety.

The following true story I hope could encourage all of you to put this item into high priority. A falling scaffolding caused 7 people injured in Toronto on last 28th of April 2016. This accident was happened in a construction site, which is building way to a station along a new route crossing a road.

Amazon ImageSo, what kind of precautions must be completed before scaffolding operation is allowed? Read the following scaffolding safety precautions below to prevent scaffolding safety problems.

Scaffolding Safety Precautions

Scaffolding safety precautions are not only for your own scaffolding, but this must be applied to ones that are assembled by contractor who executes project at your site. You, as the owner of project, have to make sure that all related items already meet safety requirements.

  1. Only trained workers or contractors who are allowed to assembly, use and disassembly scaffolding. No exception.
  2. Scaffolding must have enough capacity to hold load weight, at least 4 times. Never overload scaffolding.
  3. Ensure that there is no damage found on each part of the scaffolding.
  4. Scaffolding must be correctly secured. It must be free from undesired movement and stable.
  5. Place it on non-slippery surface and flat. Ground conditions must be good.
  6. Use scaffolding with guardrail. It will help keeping workers on it.
  7. Make sure to use only good and complete pulley, block, hook and fitting.
  8. Always inspect it before being used.
  9. Wear proper PPE during working on scaffolding; hard hat, safety shoes, safety belt, so on.
  10. Do not forget to choose appropriate access way onto scaffolding; staircase, ladder bay or external ladder.
  11. Only workers with excellent health conditions are allowed to work on it.
  12. Always follow manufacturer’s instruction when installing scaffolding.
  13. Never climb to scaffolding during windy or stormy weather.
  14. Always follow OSHA requirements for scaffolding.
  15. Any restrictions, which could affect installing, alteration or dismantling process must be removed.
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