Do Safety Glasses Have An Expiry Date?

Do safety glasses have an expiry date? You may have this question in your head. I also have the same question with you since I use safety glass during working.

In addition, managing safety equipments including safety glasses is a part of my job description.

So, I need to know about safety glass expiry date. And here is what I got from my searching.

Safety Glass Expiry Date

Neither AS/NZS 1337.6 nor AS/NZS 1337.1 specifies expiry date on safety glasses. There is no standard shelf-life for safety glasses.

So, safety glass expiry date is determined in as need-basis. This means that you have to change your safety glass if you find one of the following sign appears:

  • scratches on lenses
  • crack on frame
  • crack on lenses
  • any defect found

In conclusion, safety glass has no expiry date. Replacement must be done based on inspection conditions where you find one of the above damage signs. In this case inspection is the key.

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