Repair Tags With String

Benefits of Using Repair Tags With String

repair tags with string1
Repair tags with string can prevent unintended use of equipment that is being repaired. Personnel in the plant can easily recognize the equipment status by looking at repair tags.

If you have not used repair tags with string, it is the time to consider about this.

Repair tags with string can make maintenance jobs much easier by:

  1. showing people about an equipment status
  2. keeping people’s awareness against repaired equipment

How To Use Repair Tags With String

It is also very easy to use repair tags with string. Just attach it to equipment through it string. That’s it.

Brady 86776 with height of 5-3/4 inch and width of 3 inch is an example of repair tags with string. It is constructed of durable cardstock with chamfered corner.

Brady 86776 is current sold at $54.49 per 100 pcs. To see its detail specification, you can visit

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