Releasable Plastic Cable Ties

releasable plastic cable ties
Releasable plastic cable ties offer lower cost for cables management than one time use cable ties. Honestly, I am rather new to releasable plastic cable ties.

But when I found such cable ties for the first time, immediately I fall in love with them since they mean another instant Kaizen idea for me.

It will be no problem if I have to re-organize cables both electric and instrument frequently. Just release releasable plastic cable ties and re-use them.

By using releasable plastic cable ties, it also means that there will be no more necessity for cutting work. Better safety and saves time too.

They looks like great products. Let’s see how they look.

Releasable Plastic Cable Ties

FeaturePackage included: 30 pcs black color re-usable zip tie
Size: 300mm x 8 mm
Reusable, with a snap release button
Great for organizing cables for systems, A/V equipment and more
use and reuse these releasable cable ties
Great when you need a temporary hold or make frequent changes to how you manage your cables
Provides a positive and reliable lock when engaged and slips off easily with a press of the release
Features a releasable latch, allowing them to be reused
6-Inch total length
Supports up to 50 lbs
PackageWeight0.25 pound0.75 pound1.8 pound
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If you need other sizes, click here.

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