Pressure Gauge With Pulsation Dampener

pressure gauge with pulsation dampener

Pressure gauge with pulsation dampener is used in case where pressure spikes and fluctuation of pressures usually happen. In such process condition, pulsation dampener could keep up consistent readability and extend the service life of the sensing instrument.

A pressure gauge without pulsation dampener can be failed to measure pressure if it is exposed under pressure spike and fluctuation of pressure.

Actually, pulsation dampener is an accessories of pressure gauge. Generally, it is sold separately from the pressure gauge.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Pulsation Dampener For Pressure Gauge

When you have to select pulsation dampener for pressure gauge, there are key factors that needs to be considered:

  1. Type of material
  2. Installation direction: horizontal or vertical
  3. Self-cleaning action feature
  4. Field-adjustment dampening for fulfilling requirements
  5. Maximum allowable pressure
  6. Instrument or process connection size

The video below will show you how pulsation dampener works.

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