Portable pH and Conductivity Meter

portable ph and conductivity meter
A portable pH and conductivity meter is very useful for measuring utilities quality such as industrial water, cooling water, chiller water and even waste water.

Bluelab combo meter is a portable pH and conductivity meter. It can also measure temperature as well. With its lightweight and portability makes it easy to be brought to the field.

Bluelab combo meter comes with auto off function, which makes it consumes electric efficiently.

Wants to know more about this portable pH and conductivity meter? Check its features below.

Bluelab Portable pH and Conductivity Meter Features

  • Large easy to read display
  • One touch calibration process
  • Successful pH calibration status
  • There is no need for temperature and conductivity calibration
  • Comes with replaceable probes for pH and permanent probe for conductivity/temperature
  • Low battery indicator
  • Under range and over range indicators
  • Gives quick reading

Bluelab combo meter receives 4.5 star rating from 49 users. And it is sold at a discounted price of $180.19, where you can save more than $127.

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