Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge Manufacturers

polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers
This post is about polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers. What I want to write here is my past experiences using different filter cartridges for filtrated water and purified water filters. Basically, polypropylene is a good material for filter cartridge for water filtration.

If you are searching for polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers, then this post will give you more ideas to select a good one.

I will not open all the data I gathered from my past experiences, but I will show you the important points only. And about unit price of each polypropylene water filter cartridge, it will depend on many factors. So, I will not mention which one is cheaper and which one is more expensive.

First Decide the Filter Cartridge Specification

Actually, I use polyethylene as the base material for all filter cartridges for the whole processes in the plant. They are used to filtrate impurities from various kind of substances, which are oxidator, organic, steam condensate and so on. Their pH ranges from 1.0 to 9.

Operating temperature ranges from 25 to 80oC, and pressure up to 7 bar g.

Before I tell you polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers, at first you should decide the specification of filter cartridge you will use: diameter, rating (absolute or nominal), length and gasket material. This is the most important thing than product brand’s name.

Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge Manufacturers

Amazon ImageBelow here are polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers who have supplied their product to us. In general, all those filter cartridges show almost same performance and life time. The only thing that makes them different is unit price.

Some of them are high price filter cartridges and some of them are relatively cheap. I will not mention their price because there many non-technical matters that influence unit price.

  1. Cuno : Polyklean, PolyNet Series
  2. US Filter: Filterite Series
  3. Pall Corporation
  4. Grace: GMW Series
  5. Roki Techno Co, Ltd: SRL type
  6. Daiwabo: Puretek

Other Things to Consider

You need to get information what kind of additives each manufacturer adds during production process of filter cartridge. This is very important because it may be dissolved into water and brought to the next process. It may contaminate your product or alter the reaction.

The last thing is pre-treatment. Make sure that filter cartridge needs to be pre-treated or not prior to installation in order to remove unwanted contaminants from filter cartridge. And don’t forget ask polypropylene water filter cartridge manufacturers how to do the pre-treatment.

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