How to Choose Good Polyethylene Jerry Cans For Chemical

polyethylene jerry cans for chemical
Material suitability is the main reason in selecting appropriate packaging for a chemical product. Material with high compatibility with the chemical is the best choice. In certain cases, lower material compatibility may be selected due to special consideration such as short storage period and packaging cost.

Polyethylene jerry can is a common packaging used for most chemical products. Lets say phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, nitric acid and formic acid. Those chemical products use polyethylene jerry can as their packaging.

A polyethylene jerry cans for chemical is selected due to several considerations. Material compatibility is the main consideration. But, it is not only that. There are other considerations that should be decided carefully when selecting appropriate polyethylene jerry cans design used for chemical packaging.

Practical Tips on Design of Polyethylene Jerry Cans for Chemical

Check whether polyethylene is compatible with chemical product that will be packaged with it. Compatibility level may vary even for a chemical product. Concentration or purity can affect its compatibility with polyethylene. A chemical compatibility database from Cole Palmer is a good reference for this.

Polyethylene jerry can capacity will affect directly to packaging cost and transportation cost. But, please consider that a certain percentage of ullage allowance is required by regulation to allow liquid expansion due to temperature increase.

Stronger polyethylene jerry can is required when more jerry can will be stacked during transportation or storage in the warehouse. Choose enough thickness to get required strength.

Cap Design
Every chemical product has unique physical and chemical properties. As an example is hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide will release oxygen gas naturally as a result of its decomposition reaction. A polyethylene jerry can with vent system is absolutely required to prevent pressure trapping inside it. So, jerry can cap with venting system is required. Select carefully jerry can cap design for a chemical product.

Shape and Dimensions
When designing polyethylene can shape and dimensions, filling machine and conveyor designs should be your primarily considerations.

A dark coloured polyethylene jerry can will not allow sunshine to come into it. For a sensitive chemical product against sunshine, white colour polyethylene jerry can may not be suitable. Choose only right colour.

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