The Ultimate Plant Turnaround Checklist

plant turnaround checklist
At least once per year, you should plan plant turnaround or yearly plant maintenance in order to refresh condition of all process equipment both static and rotating. A good planning will ensure that your plant turnaround will be successfully performed. A plant turnaround checklist in hand will help you prepare a better planning.

It is a simple guide to practical management for plant turnarounds.

Without a plant turnaround checklist, you may leave important things not included in your turnaround schedule.

If this happens, plant performance may not be as long as expected. In the worst case, there will be many plant operation interruptions and accidents. And that’s mean production realization will far away from your expected target.

45 Questions for Plant Turnaround Checklist

Amazon ImageBelow here are a lot of questions that you should have in your plant turnaround checklist. Adding more questions to the checklist is preferable.

Answer every question and make sure that you have made adequate preparation for that.

plant turnaround checklist

A. Schedule

  1. Does the turnaround schedule already consider recommended operation hour of each rotating equipment and machine? Have you checked your operation hour record and compare with manual books?
  2. Does the schedule already consider product stock and delivery planning?
  3. Have you announced the schedule to all related Departments?
  4. Do you already include all pieces of equipment that will be overhauled, checked, cleaned up or repaired into the schedule?
  5. Do all contractors, vendors or other third parties already confirm their schedules?
  6. Is there any conflict in the schedule?
  7. Have you checked last year turnaround results and recommendations, and use them as considerations for this time schedule?
  8. Have you spared additional days for the turnaround schedule to cover unexpected finding?

B. Material and Spare Part

  1. Have you prepared required materials and spare parts for all pieces of equipment mentioned in the schedule?
  2. Have you confirmed materials and spare parts specifications?
  3. Have you ensured delivery time for each material and spare part?
  4. Have you done material and spare part inventory?

C. Human Resources

  1. Do you assign the right people to each work?
  2. Have you balanced workload for each team?
  3. Have you established the structure of organization for this turnaround?
  4. Have you re-arranged shift people during this period?
  5. How many contractors, vendors or other third parties will participate in the turnaround?
  6. Have you collected contact person from the third parties?
  7. How many persons totally involved?
  8. Do all persons in charge for each work already fulfill required skills and qualifications?

D. Equipment and Tools

  1. Do all measuring and calibrating equipment have valid calibration status?
  2. If one of those pieces of equipment is already damaged, do you have a plan to purchase a new one?
  3. If you need to rental measuring equipment, have you made an order for that purpose?
  4. Are all required tools already complete?
  5. Have you prepared to replace broken ones?
  6. Have you contacted the vendor to rental special tools for the turnaround works?
  7. Do you have enough scaffolding? Are they in good condition?
  8. Do you provide enough chain blocks with suitable capacity?

E. Safety

  1. Is there enough safety equipment (helmets, eye goggle, face shield, hand gloves, safety belt, body harness, safety shoes, gas mask, etc) for all people involved in the turnaround?
  2. Have you inspected the condition of safety equipment?
  3. If one of those pieces of equipment is already damaged, do you have a plan to purchase a new one?
  4. Are hazard identification and risk assessment already made for each turnaround work item?
  5. Are there enough lock-out and tag-out tag in the warehouse?
  6. Have you conducted safety induction for all contractors, vendors and other third-parties involved in the turnaround?
  7. If firefighting pump or cooling tower is going to be overhauled during the turnaround, is there any back up for fire water supply?
  8. Have you prepared the emergency team, car, and equipment for the turnaround?
  9. Do you plan to use a new chemical in this turnaround? Suppose for chemical cleaning?
  10. Have you educated employee about it MSDS and how to handle that chemical safely?
  11. Are confined space works scheduled? Is there any SOP for such work?
  12. Do you already prepare safety talk messages specifically made for turnaround works?

F. Environment and Others

  1. Are there enough space to store used chemicals, oil, spare parts and other hazardous materials?
  2. Have you provided separated bin for hazardous and non-hazardous waste temporary storage?
  3. Is there enough rest area for all people involved in the turnaround?
  4. Have you prepared standby laboratory analytical apparatus during turnaround period for regular product inspection and incoming inspection?
  5. Have you prepared back up for instrument air, nitrogen for tank blanket/seal or electric during the maintenance period?

Ideally, a plant turnaround checklist contains more and more questions since you have more and more experience from year to year.

Finally, I would like to ask you this question. Have you established your own plant turnaround checklist?

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