Plant Safety Meeting Topics

plant safety meeting topics
Safety meeting is the perfect time for discussing about plant safety in which people from various departments will sit together. However, safety meeting in most cases is not effective because it talks almost same topic over the time. So choosing the right plant safety meeting topics is essential to have effective safety meeting.

An effective safety meeting should be able to generate improvement ideas and alternative solutions for the every plant safety problem. It should generate valuable outcomes.

Sometimes, general plant safety meeting topics could not attract people to be active during the meeting and saying something valuable. Such situation is common and may also happen in your organization.

You need to be creative to have a huge list of plant safety meeting topics. You can do this by brainstorming or asking people to propose a topic for the next meeting.

To help you get the idea, I will show you several plant safety meeting topics that can be used as a major topic or additional topic for each safety meeting.

Examples of Plant Safety Meeting Topics

Actually, there is a lot of sources of ideas you can dig from. But, honestly only a few people aware of them.

The following plant safety meeting topics are examples, which you will think they are very close with your daily jobs.

  1. Internal and external audits of OHSAS 18001. Major, minor or observation findings can be chosen as plant safety meeting topics. Even it is only one finding.
  2. Safety patrol findings. Most of us will make job order request to solve safety patrol findings or just report them to your superior. Actually, you could use them as meeting topics to generate better countermeasures.
  3. Incident, accident and nearmiss report. A famous safety slogan says “Never let others learn safety from you”. You must never miss such important report to include in your plant safety meeting topics. Even though the incident, accident or nearmiss happens at others sites or abroad.
  4. Fire survey insurance report. This report is made by experts in their field. You should never miss their high quality recommendations.
  5. Safety audit by customer. Sometimes, customers conduct safety audits at supplier sites. Your customers have no negative purposes. This is honest recommendation.
  6. HAZOPs or hazard and operability studies.
  7. Changes in Company’s safety policy.
  8. When your company launces new packaging, safety will always be important factor to be discussed among related departments.
  9. Changes the way you deliver chemical product to your customers.
  10. New chemicals usage. The topics at least should include MSDS, hazard labels, preservation procedure, safety handling and so on.
  11. Safety training requisitions. This includes safety handling training requested by customers.
  12. Emergency response drill planning and evaluation.
  13. Turn Around or yearly plant maintenance execution.
  14. New release or update of government regulations, industry standards or other requirement related to your industry.
  15. Don’t forget to brainstorm and catch ideas that someone else says it to you even it is informally.

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