Petrochemical Turn Around Slogan – My Favourite Is #5

petrochemical turn around slogan
Safety in chemical plant turnaround is a big issue. It applies to petrochemical turn around too. At that big event, many works are done at the same time. Parts of them are non-routine jobs, which needs special safety precautions.

Communication is one of essential factors in petrochemical turn around safety. Without good communication, zero accident target during that event may only be a dream.

Petrochemical turn around slogan is a part of safety communication. It is effective and powerful way to convey the importance of safety during turn around.

Because of that reason, I discovered 10 petrochemical turn around slogans that steal my interest.

Without wasting more time, let’s see my favourite petrochemical turn around slogan.

Petrochemical Turn Around Slogan – My Favourite

  1. Successful plant turn around can only be achieved with safety.
  2. Safety keeps plant turn around schedule on time.
  3. Safety permit is the first gate to success.
  4. Good scaffolding keeps you safe.
  5. Good communication is the key to safety. Do not hesitate to communicate with your peers and superior when you are in doubt.
  6. Always start your turn around day with safety talk.
  7. Remember the turn around target: cost, time, quality and safety.
  8. Keep safety in mind not only the turn around schedule.
  9. There are many ways to do your jobs. But, safe way is the mandatory.
  10. Always work safely since your family is awaiting for you at home.
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