ATV Dust Mask Comparison

Amazon ImageDo you usually ride motorcycle to go to your workplace? Do you have problem with dust during riding? If yes, you have to use ATV dust mask, an excellent dust mask that fits for everyone.

ATV dust mask is available in several different models. In general, ATV dust mask products have ability to block up to 99.9% of dust particulate.

That’s an excellent performance for a dust mask. Besides, ATV dust mask is low profile with adjustable width design. With one way Tek valve, ATV dust mask is able to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and water vapor. ATV dust mask is also washable and reusable. Continue reading

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Justrite Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet For Sale

Flammable liquid storage cabinet is necessary for storing flammable liquid material safely. Besides, it is also required by several safety regulations such as from OSHA and NFPA.

If you are looking for flammable liquid storage cabinet, then you should select ones from Justrite. Justrite is famous flammable liquid storage cabinet. I am now bringing you the information about Justrite flammable liquid storage cabinet for sale.

Now, it is the time for Justrite flammable liquid storage cabinet for sale. There are many great offers for this item. Suppose Justrite Sure-Grip EX 892320 flammable liquid storage cabinet is sale for $529.42. You save $409.49.

Check the following offers. And select the one that suit with your needs. Continue reading

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How to Choose Good Polyethylene Jerry Cans For Chemical

polyethylene jerry cans for chemical
Material suitability is the main reason in selecting appropriate packaging for a chemical product. Material with high compatibility with the chemical is the best choice. In certain cases, lower material compatibility may be selected due to special consideration such as short storage period and packaging cost.

Polyethylene jerry can is a common packaging used for most chemical products. Lets say phosphoric acid, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, nitric acid and formic acid. Those chemical products use polyethylene jerry can as their packaging.

A polyethylene jerry cans for chemical is selected due to several considerations. Material compatibility is the main consideration. But, it is not only that. There are other considerations that should be decided carefully when selecting appropriate polyethylene jerry cans design used for chemical packaging. Continue reading

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Learn More About Expanded Metal

Are you looking to find a metal on which you can truly depend? A metal that is sturdy after it has been cut? A metal that creates a surface with traction? Most of all, do you need this metal to be affordable and adaptable without compromising strength? Look no further than carbon steel expanded metal! Expanded metal can be made from several other kinds of metal, such as stainless steel or aluminium. However, carbon steel expanded metal is the most cost-effective expanded metal, so this material will help you save money while also being a significant asset to your project. Continue reading

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UN Approved IBC

un approved ibc
IBC or Intermediate Bulk Container popularity as liquid chemical packaging is increasing. But, only UN approved IBC can be used as for export purpose.

UN approved IBC has a simple sign. It has UN certificate. A UN approved IBC has passes several tests such as stacking test, internal pressure test and so on.

To get UN approved IBC is very easy. Just ask the manufacturer UN certificate and its UN number. Its UN number is applied on the name plate of the IBC.

Who are the manufacturers of UN approved IBC? There are a lot manufacturers. Continue reading

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How Does a Thermodynamic Steam Trap Work?

how does thermodynamic steam trap work
How does a thermodynamic steam trap work? How does it separate and discharge condensate from steam line?

Thermodynamic steam trap has a unique operating rule which relies on the dynamics of water and flash steam.

Thermodynamic steam trap is:

  • simple
  • robust
  • reliable
  • can work up to very high temperatures and pressures.

Components of a thermodynamic steam trap include outer cover, inner cover, peripheral outlet, valve disc, inlet, flat sealing face, air venting ring and valve control chamber.

Only the disc is the moving part in thermodynamic steam trap. This makes maintenance work easy.

To learn how thermodynamic steam trap works, you can watch the video below. Continue reading

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