Best Glass Beaker With Handle And Spout

glass beaker with handle and spout
Glass beaker with handle and spout is better than general glass beaker. It provides safer condition in laboratory for analyst during doing analytical work. Analyst can use one hand to hold the glass and the spout will help avoiding chemical spill during pouring.

There are of course other specifications we should see when we need to select glass beaker with handle and spout. Glass thickness, glass material, heat proof, oven proof, accurate measurement, easy to read volume marking, light weight and durable are basic features that should be owned by best glass beaker with handle and spout. Continue reading

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New Industrial Wheels Reduce Risk of Injury

One important resource that nearly any factory has to offer is the use of assembly carts for transporting materials to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible. These carts rely heavily on the heavy-duty caster wheels that allow for cart mobility of loads that weigh thousands of pounds or more.

Mobility of heavy loads in a factory setting is a very important issue that should be evaluated when laying out a factory, as well as assigning labor to employees of that factory. Continue reading

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Steel Pipe Inside Diameters – 4 Quick References

steel pipe inside diameters
Getting steel pipe inside diameters for quick calculation is sometimes cannot be done because chemical engineer should open a thick handbook to find the value.

The following are 4 quick references of steel pipe inside diameters. Just click it and you will be directed to the reference page. Continue reading

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Releasable Plastic Cable Ties

releasable plastic cable ties
Releasable plastic cable ties offer lower cost for cables management than one time use cable ties. Honestly, I am rather new to releasable plastic cable ties.

But when I found such cable ties for the first time, immediately I fall in love with them since they mean another instant Kaizen idea for me.

It will be no problem if I have to re-organize cables both electric and instrument frequently. Just release releasable plastic cable ties and re-use them.

By using releasable plastic cable ties, it also means that there will be no more necessity for cutting work. Better safety and saves time too. Continue reading

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Fume Hood Safety Checklist

fume hud safety practices
Fume hood is an important safety apparatus for laboratory. It protects laboratory workers or analysts from hazardous chemical vapour, gas or aerosol exposures.

But, it does not mean that by installing fume hood you are already safe from those vapour hazards. You still need to make sure that fume hood is already managed in proper way.

A fume hood safety checklist provides a clear safety guidance. With that in hand, you will have a systematic and consistent safety checking items.

You can use the following fume hood safety checklist for your own usage. Any additional item that you think necessary to be included into the checklist can be added accordingly. Continue reading

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Chemical Industry Abbreviations Every Chemical Engineer Should Know

chemical industry abbreviations
There are a lot of chemical industry abbreviations. The number is growing day by day. It simply means that as a chemical engineer, you and me like or do not like, should always provide enough time for getting update to those chemical industryabbreviations.

If not, we looks unprofessional. You may say “I don’t know about the abbreviations because it is not my specialization”. People will not accept such answer.

There is no enough reason to tell if we do not chemical industry abbreviations that closely related to the field we are working for.

Knowing chemical industry abbreviations is ‘a must’. This is important to keep in mind, even though may be most chemical engineers will have less attention. Continue reading

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