Gardner Bender Cable Ties

gardner bender cable ties
Cable ties are used to bunch and organize electric cables or wires. Cable tie is another type of fastener. It is also used to improve safety since there will be no longer untidy cables and wires, which can cause people to fall down.

Gardner Bender cable ties are best cable ties in the market right know. Many users like this product since it is designed with double lock technology, meets military spec, UL listed, wide temperature range (-40 to 185 deg F) and made of fungus inert nylon.

Gardner Bender cable ties are available in several sizes 4″, 6″, 8″, 11″ and so on. Their product series provides all your needs. Continue reading

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Wastewater Treatment For Dummies

wastewater treatment for dummies
Wastewater treatment for dummies are book that are dedicated for chemical engineering students, young chemical engineers and non-engineering professionals who want to learn about wastewater treatment.

There are many books about wastewater treatment available in book stores. But, I would like to show you only the 4 best books on wastewater treatment for dummies on

Here are those wastewater treatment for dummies. Continue reading

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How Does a Steam Ejector Work

how does a steam ejector work
In a vacuum distillation unit, steam ejector in conjunction with barometric condenser act as vacuum generator. A barometric condenser and steam ejector withdraw vapors from the system.

Cooling water that flows through barometric condenser condenses condensable vapors into liquid forms. Meanwhile, steam ejector withdraws non-condensable vapors and gases that cannot be condensed by barometric condenser.

Then, how does a steam ejector work? How can steam ejector withdraw vapors and gases from the system in creating vacuum?

Let’s see.

How Does a Steam Ejector Work?

To learn how does a steam ejector work, just watch the video below. It shows you how it works.

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10 Things You Should Know About Liquid Nitrogen Storage Tank

Liquid nitrogen storage tank is usually provided by nitrogen gas supplier. It is installed at customer site. Commonly, customer only needs to pay monthly fee for liquid nitrogen storage tank including evaporator, piping and other accessories.

Nitrogen gas suppliers will also give their customers free service for  preventive maintenance or repair for the liquid nitrogen storage tank and its related facilities. So, customer will be spoiled with this service.

However, there are negative impacts of this condition. Customers become having less awareness against this facility that is installed at their sites. They do not take adequate efforts to maintain liquid nitrogen storage tank.

If there is liquid nitrogen storage tank in your chemical factory or site, then you have to pay attention on the following things in order to manage it better in the frame of safety, quality, supply reliability and so on. Continue reading

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