4 Benefits of Having Pressure Gauge With Maximum Indicator

pressure gauge with maximum indicator
I remember when I was audited by ISO 9001 external auditor. The auditor found a pressure gauge installed at a pressure vessel without maximum indicator.

He claimed that it is very important to install pressure gauge with maximum indicator. He said that it is not only about safety but it means quality control.

He urged me to set up maximum indicator at every pressure gauge in the plant. He added that it needs to be there even though I have set up minimum and maximum values on the log sheet.

He was true. I followed his suggestion. But, I did not replace the existing pressure gauges with pressure gauge with maximum indicator since it will be too costly. Continue reading

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Fire Extinguisher For Forklift

fire extinguisher for forklift
Does OSHA require fire extinguisher for forklift? The answer is no. OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard (29 CFR 1910.178) does not mention that forklifts must be equipped with fire extinguisher. But, it is recommended that company provides fire extinguisher for forklift. Here are the reasons.

Even though there is no OSHA forklift fire extinguisher regulations, but placing one fire extinguisher for forklift has many benefits.

Ideally, every employee, including forklift driver, is able to use portable fire extinguisher to put out fire when he or she finds it for the first time. The quicker the better. So, providing fire extinguisher for forklift is very important. Continue reading

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Petrochemical Turn Around Slogan – My Favourite Is #5

petrochemical turn around slogan
Safety in chemical plant turnaround is a big issue. It applies to petrochemical turn around too. At that big event, many works are done at the same time. Parts of them are non-routine jobs, which needs special safety precautions.

Communication is one of essential factors in petrochemical turn around safety. Without good communication, zero accident target during that event may only be a dream.

Petrochemical turn around slogan is a part of safety communication. It is effective and powerful way to convey the importance of safety during turn around.

Because of that reason, I discovered 10 petrochemical turn around slogans that steal my interest. Continue reading

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Best Fire Extinguisher For Laboratory

best fire extinguisher for laboratory
Finding best fire extinguisher for laboratory is not a simple job. You can not rely on one multiple purpose portable fire extinguisher for fire extinguishing in laboratory.

Laboratory is a relatively small building in a chemical plant where many types of fire can potentially occur. Why? It is because in laboratory are stored many kinds of chemicals and reagents, flammable gases, electric-powered equipment and heating equipment. Continue reading

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Daily Scaffolding Inspection Checklist

scaffolding safety precautions
Working at height requires good scaffolding for safety. There are many items needs to be checked before using scaffolding to make sure it is in good condition and ready to use.

A daily scaffolding inspection checklist will be a great help. It helps us not to forget something to be checked. So, we can consistently use the same inspection items.

But sometimes, it is not easy to make sure scaffolding used by contractor who works at your plant site is also in good condition. Most of us will feel comfort since we think that they are experienced people installing and monitoring scaffolding operation. Honestly, it is not as we may think. Continue reading

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Thin-Film Stress Monitoring in Real Time

Many industries require engineers to work in an environment that needs complete control and timely modifications done if necessary. During production of semiconductors, for example, thin-film characteristics must be followed closely. Obtaining full control over thin-film stress and temperature variations to reduce the stress accordingly is necessary for achieving desired results. Adequate control allows operators and engineers to obtain the properties they need. Thus, many technological tools must come with integrated stress for adjusting necessary settings and specifications. Continue reading

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