Safety Helmet With Face Shield

safety helmet with face shield
Safety helmet with face shield protects the entire face including the eyes from chemical splash and impact hazards such as flying object, particles and large chips.

If you are taking chemical liquid sample from a pump, then an eye goggle will not be enough for providing protection to your face. It is because chemical splash hazard from a pump exists.

As of my experiences, many people felt uncomfortable when they should work by using safety helmet with face shield. Their superiors and employers have to give proper safety education about this matter.

Provide right safety helmet with face shield. Select the right material and strength according to the potential hazards associated with specific job. Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips for Pipe Insulation Maintenance

pipe insulation maintenance
Pipe insulation maintenance is a rare topic to be discussed. Most of you may think that as long as pipe insulation looks good, there will be no problem with it.

Let me tell you something. I am going to show you an interesting story about the importance of pipe insulation maintenance.

Insulation Outlook (May 2005 issue) had estimated that if all damaged or missing pipe insulation at all US oil refineries was repaired, replaced or re-insulated, the equivalent of 585,000 barrels of oil could be saved.

That’s very huge amount. That number should be able to change your mindset about the importance of pipe insulation maintenance, right? Continue reading

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Best First Aid Burn Cream Packets for The First Aid Box

First Aid Burn Cream Packets
If you have no regular checking period on your First Aid box contents, then you probably will face with difficulty when someone get hurt when he or she is doing his/her job. So, it is very important to make sure that all items are complete and ready to use.

First Aid burn cream is one of the contents. It is used to take care someone skin when he or she touches very hot surface such as steam pipe accidentally.

There are many First Aid burn cream in the market. But, not all are suitable for your First Aid boxes. Burn cream such as WaterJel Burn JelPac-Kit 13-125 First Aid burn cream and WaterJel 2692 First Aid antiseptic burn cream are best seller on

To see those First Aid burn cream in detail, you can refer to the following table. Continue reading

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55 Gallon Plastic Drum Review

55 gallon plastic drum for sale
55 gallon plastic drum is common packaging that is used for storing water, solid material or liquid chemicals. In chemical industry55 gallon plastic drum is especially used as packaging for various kinds of chemicals due to its perfect chemical resistant.

What we are talking about in this article is 55 gallon polyethylene drum or 55 gallon PE drum, which is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE).

In general, there are two kinds of 55 gallon plastic drum open (removable head) and closed (non-removable head) top. Closed top type is used as packaging for liquid chemical. It has 2 drum plugs, 2″ NPT and 3/4″ NPT. But, some of them may have only one plug.

Removable head type is commonly used for solid material such as catalyst. Continue reading

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Plastic Pallets With Sidewalls

plastic pallet with sidewall
Plastic pallets with sidewalls are best alternative for conventional pallets that could help you control hazardous chemical spills from drum, generator, machine parts, small tanks and others during temporary storage.

Besides, they can also be used as wash down or pumping station. They are good compartment for removing rust from bolt and nuts or machine parts using solvent or oil.

Plastic pallets with sidewalls are designed with different spill containment capacity, which can be matched with actual requirement.

Plastic pallets with sidewalls help you comply with environmental regulation related with hazardous chemical spills. Continue reading

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An Introduction to Compression Molding

Compression molding is a primary manufacturing process which converts raw materials to finished products using a molding press. Composite components can be processed via various techniques although compression molding is the most common form.

Heat is primarily used along with suitable pressure along with differing cycle times, to manufacture a composite component effectively.

This strategy is generally used for molding thermo set plastics and has been used for quite a while now. By applying pressure with a compression molding machine, the measured molding material is upheld into a cavity of a heated form and cured.  Continue reading

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