Best Lockout For Circuit Breaker

lockout for circuir breaker
Unintended power on during electrical circuit repair or maintenance will be very dangerous. This can result in fatality. Using lockout for circuit breaker can prevent this from happening.

Lockout for circuit breaker like Master Lock Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockout, must become a part of lockout-tagout procedure in your company. Repair tags with string may not be reliable enough to prevent accidental power on during repair or maintenance.

Since it is still possible for accidental power on to happen. Continue reading

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What You Need to Know About Fire Insurance Survey Report

In this article, we are going to learn about fire insurance survey report. This report is issued every time after a safety survey conducted by an expert team from fire insurance company finished. This survey is conducted to survey fire protection system in a client site to ensure that it is still reliable.

Fire insurance is a way to protect a company from loss due to fire accident. Without having  fire insurance, a company will loss its business in second without any guarantee to have enough capital to re-build its facility.

Fire safety survey is conducted in a regular period of time and scheduled by the fire insurance company. It is a safety survey not a safety audit. It is to inspect the implementation of property loss prevention and safety corresponding to potential fire hazard. No certification will be awarded even if a client is considered having good fire protection system.

Sometimes, fire insurance survey report is also called by loss control report. The name of this report may vary depend on the fire insurance company policy.

The Period

Fire safety survey is performed in a regular schedule and usually decided by the fire insurance company. Based on my experiences, it is conducted every five years. However, the period may be changed after a fire accident occurred at the client site to monitor the effectiveness of countermeasures. So, you will receive fire insurance survey report periodically.

Surveyor Team

This should be the reason why you have to pay your attentions to fire insurance survey report. The survey is performed by an expert team from safety insurance company, who has a wide range of fire safety experiences. They know what they are doing. The report is made by fire experts.

Fire Insurance Survey Report Contents

A fire insurance survey report contains at least previous surveys findings status and new findings. As I mentioned earlier in this article, the content may also vary. It will depend on the safety insurance company policy. That’s no problem, in general they are similar.

The report contains an outline of safety survey (date of survey, company’s representatives, survey team members), follow up results on former survey and recommendations on the latest survey includes infrared thermography survey report.

Recommendation or finding is categorized into three categories, urgent action required (high), quick improvement required (medium) and future study required (low).

At the first section, the status of every previous survey recommendation is mentioned. If the corrective and preventive actions are considered enough, it is marked as closed finding. Otherwise, it will be re-inspected in the next survey.

The second section talks about recommendations on current survey. Each finding will be described shortly, completed with a photo and ended with a recommendation, as well as the finding category.

At the last section, infrared (IR) thermography survey result on electromechanical equipment is reported. Such survey is conducted to measure and detect abnormal temperature (hotspot) on electromechanical equipment. Hotspot findings are then evaluated and categorized too.

Follow up Requests

After receiving the fire insurance survey report, you are requested to follow their recommendations. Follow up request will depend on categories of each recommendation. Urgent problem in common should be followed up as soon as possible or preferably within one week.

Usually, time frame for taking follow up action is described inside the report below the finding.


Even though fire insurance survey report contains only recommendations and no obligation from client to follow up those recommendations, but as I said that the recommendations are created by safety expert team. They could see what you cannot see in the stand point of safety. They help you improving your safety and fire loss prevention.

My final word is open your mind and be happy to receive their recommendations, since you don’t have to work hard to uncover the deficiency of your fire safety systems.

Tips: Get safety magazine by clicking here.

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3 New Biofuel Plant From Waste USA and Canada

Amazon ImageToday, I read a few stories about new biofuel plant from waste. At least I noticed two new biofuel plant from waste that will be built in the near future and another one is going to be operated commercially.

Those biofuel plant from waste are located in USA and Canada. They utilize various kinds of solid wastes as their raw materials such agricultural residues, woody biomass, household trash, landfill waste, sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and waste gases from industrial processes.

Each biofuel plant from waste uses different processing technology, which shows different advantages. Continue reading

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How to Choose the Best Industrial Caster for the Job

Because industrial casters and wheels are used for such a range of extreme tasks, from moving railroad cars and 35,000 pound pipes to transporting jet engines and performance stages, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best industrial caster for your needs.

Industrial casters that are properly chosen will prevent workplace accidents and damage, productivity loss, and maintenance issues. Without proper selection of the following criteria, the caster is likely to fail in its purpose. Continue reading

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hot plate with magnetic stirrer

Hot plate with magnetic stirrer
Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function would be the perfect solution for laboratory work that requires heating and stirring at the same time.

If you are collecting reaction data of an endothermic reaction that takes place at a higher temperature and requires stirring to take place, then you will need Hot plate with magnetic stirrer function.

Currently, Hot plate with magnetic stirrer is already available in the market. You can get this product from Continue reading

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ATV Dust Mask Comparison

Amazon ImageDo you usually ride motorcycle to go to your workplace? Do you have problem with dust during riding? If yes, you have to use ATV dust mask, an excellent dust mask that fits for everyone.

ATV dust mask is available in several different models. In general, ATV dust mask products have ability to block up to 99.9% of dust particulate.

That’s an excellent performance for a dust mask. Besides, ATV dust mask is low profile with adjustable width design. With one way Tek valve, ATV dust mask is able to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and water vapor. ATV dust mask is also washable and reusable. Continue reading

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