15 Scaffolding Safety Precautions You Must Know

scaffolding safety precautions
Falling from height is one of the obvious hazards from scaffolding operation. Some scaffolding safety precautions need to be done to prevent injury and death. These must be completed before any scaffolding operation started.

Every worker who involves in scaffolding operation must aware with these safety precautions since if he or she fails to complete them, they will harm not only his life but also other workers’ safety.

The following true story I hope could encourage all of you to put this item into high priority. A falling scaffolding caused 7 people injured in Toronto on last 28th of April 2016. This accident was happened in a construction site, which is building way to a station along a new route crossing a road. Continue reading

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Gas Detector Inspection Checklist

Maintaining gas detector performance is a key factor for safety. To do so, a regular gas detector inspection is required. It is to ensure that gas detector is always in good condition.

Just imagine if you are working under an environment where flammable gases or toxic gases exist. Poorly maintained gas detector may cause you taking wrong decision and endanger your safety.

A gas detector inspection checklist helps us doing this better. It lists mandatory checking items of gas detector inspection. It helps us doing inspection systematically and consistently.

Amazon Image

The following list is gas detector inspection checklist. You can use this as basic reference every time you do this job. In addition, always refer to the user manual when you have doubt. Continue reading

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Best Hand Pallet Truck With Weighing Scale

Hand pallet truck with weighing scale is a combination of pallet truck (pallet jack) and weighing scale. This tool can reduce work load by 50 percent. Loading or unloading operation and weighing can be done at the same time.

Material receiving or product unloading will become faster and require shorter time to complete. This means that safety aspect is improved too.

Besides, hand pallet truck with weighing scale helps determining load quickly for a pallet. Continue reading

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6 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner

6 liter ultrasonic cleaner
Ultrasonic cleaner is one of the most common laboratory equipment. It is used for many uses. And one laboratory may need different capacity with another laboratory. It depends on many factors.

The followings are best 6 liter ultrasonic cleaner that are sold on Amazon.com. This ultrasonic can be found on most small to medium laboratory.

Here are the best 6 liter ultrasonic cleaner. Continue reading

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5 Nitrogen Gas Safety Hazards You Should Know

nitrogen gas safety hazards
Nitrogen is a multi purpose gas for the chemical industry. It is used extensively as raw material such as in ammonia production. It is also used as blanketing gas in flammable liquid storage tank.

Nitrogen gas is used to remove flammable gas or favour from a processing equipment before it is open for cleaning up or repairing. This gas is very important for safety.

However, do you know that nitrogen holds potential hazards? Have you identified nitrogen gas safety hazards? Unfortunately, nitrogen is tasteless, odourless and colourless. It is a silent killer gas like carbon monoxide.

If you thought that nitrogen is safe and does not contain any potential hazard for people, you are absolutely wrong. Please read the following nitrogen gas safety hazards to give you more cautions. Continue reading

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H2S Gas Detector Honeywell

Amazon ImageFor confined space work, H2S gas detector plays a very important role. It ensures safety of people entering a  confined space. As we know that H2S is a toxic gas that can cause instant death at concentration of more than 1,000 ppm.

At concentration of 100 ppm, H2S or hydrogen sulfide causes breathing alteration. So, early detection of H2S build up in the air requires serious attention. It means that H2S gas detector is required to give early warning when it is started to be built up.

H2S gas detector Honeywell BW Technologies GA24XT-H is able to measure H2S gas in the range of 0 to 100 ppm. It starts to alert when it detects H2S of 10 to 15 ppm in the air.

H2s gas detector Honeywell can detect H2S continuously for up to two years without having to recalibrate or replace its battery.

It uses electrochemical cell sensor for detecting H2S in the air. Continue reading

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