Chemical Protective Suit With Hood

chemical protective suit with hood
Chemical protective suit is one of the most important Personal Protective Equipments or PPE for employee who works in chemical company or related industries. Chemical protective suit with hood is required for a work that potentially can expose chemical to the whole body of an employee.

An example of work that requires chemical protective suit with hood is work inside a confined space, where chemical exposure to the whole body is high. Such protective clothing will ensure that employee will  be protected from hazards of chemical splash, drops or vapor.

An ideal chemical protective suit with hood shall be lightweight, made of durable fabric, flexible, elastic wrists and ankles and serge seams. Continue reading

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Why You Need Chemical Splash Resistant Goggles?

Chemical splash hazard is hazard that is associated with chemical handling, transferring or sampling. Only chemical splash resistant goggles can protect your eyes from this hazard.

Unlike ordinary safety goggles, chemical splash resistant goggles has the ability to avoid chemical that is splashed to contact with the eyes since it covers the eyes and their surrounding tightly. There is no clearance between goggle with the face.

If you are still using ordinary safety goggle, it had better to change them with chemical splash resistant goggles. They will give better eye protection against chemical splash hazard.

Here is the best chemical splash resistant goggle that you can buy from Continue reading

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Pipe Flow Direction Tape – A Little Thing You Should Know

pipe flow direction tape
There may be hundreds to thousands pipe lines in a chemical plant site. Those pipe lines carry various kind of liquids and gases. To master those pipe lines, one chemical plant operator will need long time if there are no flow direction on each pipe.

Pipe flow direction helps new and experienced chemical plant operators and engineers to operate the plant in much better ways.

Flow direction on pipe can be shown by using pipe flow direction tape. The selection of pipe flow direction tape will depend on pipe size, fluids contained inside the pipe, fluids temperature and environment condition. Continue reading

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6 FRP Tank Advantages You Should Know

frp tank advantages
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is preferable as the material for tank due to its advantages. Many corrosive chemicals storage tanks are made from FRP. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sodium hydroxide are commonly stored in FRP tanks.

According to my past experiences, FRP tank used for hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide storage can stand for more than 10 years, even though both tanks are exposed to direct sunlight and rain over the time. Its life time can be extended if both tanks are placed under proper environment.

So, it is reasonable if you consider FRP as the material for storage tank due to FRP tank advantages. In the next paragraphs, we will see more FRP tank advantages in details. Continue reading

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Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze MSDS

ethylene glycol antifreeze msds
Recently, a new refrigerator was installed in my plant site. This refrigerator obtains chilled water with supply temperature of 5 degree of centigrade. This temperature dictates the use of ethylene glycol as the antifreeze in cooling media.

Reading ethylene glycol antifreeze MSDS is the first thing to do before I start to operate the unit in order to ensure safety.

How about you? Do you also use ethylene glycol as anti-freezing agent? If yes, make sure that you have read the ethylene glycol antifreeze MSDS. Continue reading

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Heatless Air Dryer Working Principle

heatless air dryer working principle
Heatless air dryer is a very common equipment used to produce dried air from compressed air for various purposes. No heat is used to remove moisture from the air to meet a certain dried air quality.

Good understanding on heatless air dryer working principle can help you operating air dryer system better and taking proper countermeasure on its troubles.

The following tutorial describes about heatless air dryer working principle. Continue reading

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