H2S Gas Detector Honeywell

Amazon ImageFor confined space work, H2S gas detector plays a very important role. It ensures safety of people entering a  confined space. As we know that H2S is a toxic gas that can cause instant death at concentration of more than 1,000 ppm.

At concentration of 100 ppm, H2S or hydrogen sulfide causes breathing alteration. So, early detection of H2S build up in the air requires serious attention. It means that H2S gas detector is required to give early warning when it is started to be built up.

H2S gas detector Honeywell BW Technologies GA24XT-H is able to measure H2S gas in the range of 0 to 100 ppm. It starts to alert when it detects H2S of 10 to 15 ppm in the air.

H2s gas detector Honeywell can detect H2S continuously for up to two years without having to recalibrate or replace its battery.

It uses electrochemical cell sensor for detecting H2S in the air. Continue reading

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Cooling Tower Sizing Calculator

cooling tower sizing calculator
Cooling tower sizing is a preliminary step that should be completed before proceeding to detail cooling tower design. Cooling tower sizing is also important for an existing cooling tower to check its performance or at least to calculate its water balances.

I have collected 7 cooling tower sizing calculators that can be used for the above mentioned goals. All of those calculators are online, which you can use freely without downloading.

But, please remember that each cooling tower sizing calculator will result approximate value for estimation only. Detail technical calculation should be done by cooling tower specialist. Continue reading

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How Good Is Your Lifting Tools Maintenance?

lifting tools for barrel
A man was injured due to chemical spills while workers were hoisting barrels of chemicals for storage at 3V Chemical Co., in Georgetown,  on last 27 November 2013.

At that incidenthoist cable was broken and 4 barrels of chemicals were felt down, where 3 barrels were busted open.

After reading this story, I remembered about my workplace situation. I mean how we maintain hoist cable. In that accident, hoist cables were broken and caused barrels felt down to the ground.

I don’t know about your situation and how you maintain such lifting tool to ensure its performance and safety operation. However, through this post I would like to remind you including myself about lifting tools inspection and maintenance that may be out of our schedule. Continue reading

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Cost Reduction Ideas in Companies

cost reduction ideas in companies
This article is talking about cost reduction ideas in companies. It will tell you how you can find ideas to reduce cost in your company.

In ideal condition, cost reduction program should be initiated from the first commercial operation of a company. In case of your company is seeking new ways to improve its profitability, cost reduction becomes a must. It is brought to make your company survive in the competition.

Of course it is not easy to find cost reduction ideas in companies. Everybody, I think, will say the same words. However, if you do not get started, you will never find them at all. So, the keyword is to start seeking an idea even it is small thing. Continue reading

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Precious Metal Price Trends

precious metal price trends
Precious metal price trends are major considerations we should get before deciding to purchase precious metal catalyst for your production process.

Such trends give you clear information about the right time to purchase metal catalyst at a lower price, when to deliver that material.

I know it is not so simple to use this chart and you will not exactly get lower precious metal catalyst price after that. You should consider other factors when deciding to issue purchase order.

Below here are precious metal price trends for Platinum, Palladium, Silver and Gold that will show you the history of each precious metal price in the world market.

Visit this page often to see how it looks like in the next days, week, months and even year. Continue reading

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Waste Water Analysis Parameters

water analysis parameters
This article is written in order to compare waste water analysis parameters among countries in the world. Each country treats differently about this matter. Some of them may regulate waste water quality stricter than others. Their government may put deep concern to environment conservation.

Standard waste water analysis parameter in each country is usually applied for all industries, including chemical industries. Their governments develop one standard waste water quality that should be passed before waste water discharging.

It is also possible that a country applies more than one standard waste water analysis parameters. Each province or state in a country develops their own standard.

This article may not be able to show you waste water analysis parameters in each country in the world.

Amazon Image Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Latin America

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in India

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Malaysia

Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Indonesia (West Java)


Waste Water Analysis Parameters Standard in Europe

Global Effluent Guidelines

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