Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice By Colin Frayne

Amazon ImageCooling water is very important cooling media for every chemical processing plant. It is used in many cooling processes; machine cooling, heat recovery, reactor cooling, barometric condenser and other important cooling processes.

Understanding the core principles and practices of cooling water treatment is the key to having excellent skills and knowledge in operating and maintaining cooling system. Corrosion inhibition, cooling water quality, chemicals used for cooling water treatment and make up water pre-treatment processes are some of topics that needs to be mastered.

A book titled Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice by Colin Frayne is good reference book for every chemical engineer, utility engineer and cooling water treatment professional who want to master cooling water treatment field.

The book is an excellent resource that only focus on cooling water treatment principles and practice. Cooling Water Treatment Principles and Practice by Colin Frayne is highly recommended.

In the Chapter 7 and 8, the writer describes how to sell, buy and select cooling water treatment programs. This is practicable and I like this topic.

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Steam Trap Best Practices

steam trap best practices
Steam trap holds an important role in steam distribution system. It keeps steam quality high by removing steam condensate from the system.

To meet high performance of steam trap, there are several factors to be considered such as steam trap selection, location, piping configuration, installation and maintenance.

Failed to do best efforts will end at low performance of steam distribution; energy loss, poor steam quality, water hammer and loss of steam.

The followings are steam trap best practices that can help you make your best efforts on selection, choosing location, piping configuration, installation and maintenance for steam trap. Continue reading

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Multi-Gas Detector For Confined Space

multi-gas detector for confined space
Confined space work requires special safety treatment as well as special safety tool. This is because confined space work is one of the most dangerous work area.

In a confined space, worker may be killed just in seconds caused by breathing poison gas like carbon monoxide or hydrogen disulfide (H2S). In addition, oxygen deficiency will likely to occur in such work area due to limited air entrance.

So, it is very important to make sure that there is no poison gas (like carbon monoxide and hydrogen disulfide) and combustible gas, and there is sufficient oxygen content inside the confined space. Continue reading

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Chemical Engineering Jobs Websites

There are thousands of chemical engineering jobs available almost everyday for chemical engineers from around the world, for experienced engineers or entry level engineers. These job vacancies are updated daily so you need to check more frequent if you are searching for a dream job or develop your new career.

This pages is presented to show you main chemical engineering jobs websites that become the main reference when chemical engineers are seeking for new jobs.

In order to get  your dream job and save time while doing this, define clearly chemical engineering jobs specifications you are seeking for: location, position, type of industry, job description, skill requirements and so on. This will surely bring you closed to your dream job.

Do not forget to always update your CV. This is very cruicial as you get new experience in your career as  a chemical engineer. Make your CV or Curriculum Vitae attractive and interesting for the eye’s of potential employers.

Chemical Engineering Jobs Websites

Here is my list of chemical engineering jobs websites. Just click on link to search your dream jobs.

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Hand Gloves For Acid Handling

hand gloves for acid handling
Handling acid and other hazardous chemicals require extra care. Acid is a substance with low pH and can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Using eyes and skin protections are definitely important. Hand gloves for acid handling with arm protection will protect your hand and arm.

Hand gloves for acid handling shall be worn every time you are handling acids regardless what kind of acids your are handling.

Polyco Vyflex Boa 35 cm Large Flexible PVC  Chemical Resistant Gloves are hand gloves for acid handling. It is a quality product from Polyco. This is a famous hand gloves for acid handling on Continue reading

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20′ Dry Container Dimensions and Carrying Capacity You Should Know

how many 200 litre drums in a container
If you export chemical products or deliver them across an island in your country, then you should be familiar with 20 feet container or even 40 feet container. Knowing exactly 20’ dry container dimensions is a must to optimize container content.

I remembered when I carried out this work for the first time several years ago. And at the end of this post, I will show you how you should arrange your contents (200-liter drums, 100-liter drums, or whatever packaging size you use) inside 20’ dry container.

Now, let’s begin with 20’ dry container dimensions. Continue reading

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