Platform Truck With Removable Sides

Amazon ImageDelivering small package and various materials from warehouse to user’ area requires tool which can care them and at the same time easy to move material from it. A platform truck with removable sides is suitable for this objective.

Platform truck with removable sides can convey materials without worrying to fall down since it has sides on every side.

Rubbermaid commercial 4486 is platform truck with removable sides, with 1200 lbs mass capacity. Look at its image below to see how it looks like. Continue reading

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safety shoes for electrical hazards

safety shoes for electrical hazards
Before doing any electrical work, you have to make sure that electric power is already turned off and you have done the lockout-tagout procedures.

Besides, you have to make sure that you already use electrical-insulating gloves and safety shoes for electrical hazards.

Safety shoes for electrical hazards are very important as the last protection devices when other protection methods fail. They should be able to act as insulation between the body and electric source.

New Balance Men’s MID627 is a safety steel toe shoe that is designed to be used in the presence of various hazards, including electrical hazards and static electric hazard. Continue reading

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Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fires

fire extinguisher for electrical fires
Be careful when you need to provide fire extinguisher for electrical fires. Buying wrong type of fire extinguisher will be very danger since it will cause fire become bigger.

Electrical fire is classified into C type fire. This kind of fire is energized by electrical power. In general, it is caused by several common causes like outdated wiring, faulty electrical outlet, old electrical appliances and misuse of extension cords. Continue reading

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How to Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

how to reduce cooling tower water consumption
Water consumption is one of the most important aspects of a cooling tower operation. It contributes significantly to overall cooling tower operating cost beside electric and chemical costs.

To optimize water consumption, all you need to know is water consumption details in a cooling tower. When you know this well, then it will be a lot of easier for you to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

This article is purposed to provide practical tips on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption. Continue reading

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Steam Line Startup Procedure

steam line startup
Steam line startup is quite simple and may take short time to do. But, if this startup is done with wrong procedure, some steam trap may be broken due to overload.

According to my experiences, steam supply company has steam trap broken problem within short period of operation. It is because when they have operating problem and steam supply should be stopped, they do not carry out steam line startup correctly. They never open by pass valve of steam trap before re-starting steam supply

Long piping may be the reason. May be, their operators have not enough time to do correct startup procedure.

If you have the same problem or want to learn the correct procedure of startup, please read on. Continue reading

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Industrial Accidents 2015

industrial accidents 2015
Every industrial accident that we hear or read might leave very important safety lesson that we could learn from. Unfortunately, most of us only read it as a news, not as safety lessons.

There were several industrial accidents 2015 that happened in various manufacturing plants. Once again, I would like to emphasize that there will be safety lessons we should take from. Those lessons may have never been came in our head.

So, read carefully and take notes from each of industrial accidents 2015 below. Continue reading

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