Oxygen Gas Detector for Confined Space

Amazon ImageAdequate oxygen availability is a key for jobs in confined space. Jobs under such circumstance are not allowed to be started before safe oxygen level fulfilled.

To measure oxygen level for those jobs, we use oxygen gas detector for confined spaceoxygen gas detector for confined space can be either single detector or multi function detector.

Gas Alert Clip Model GA24XT-X from BW Technologies is a single oxygen gas detector for confined space. We will see what kind of features this oxygen gas detector has and what the cons are.

Main Features of Oxygen Gas Detector for Confined Space GA24XT-X

  • A hand-held gas detector. Easy to carry.
  • Easy to operate with one push button.
  • It can be worn on belt.
  • Water proof.
  • CE and ATEX certified.
  • Single oxygen gas detector.
  • Provides continuous 2 years oxygen monitoring without requiring recalibration, recharge or battery replacement.
  • Measuring range: 0-30% of oxygen gas
  • Operation temperature range: -20 to +50 deg C
  • Alarm set point: low 19.5% and high 23.5%
  • Audio, visual and vibration alarms.
  • Comes with alphanumeric LCD display.
  • Records min and max measurements within last 24 hours. Keep max 10 last measurement data.
  • Automatic self-test every 2 hour for ensuring its performance.
  • Automatic shut down feature for additional safety.
  • Concussion-resistant boot for damage protection.
  • Lightweight, only 76 grams.
  • Non-replaceable lithium battery.

The Cons of GA24XT-X

This oxygen gas detector for confined space does not show actual oxygen level. However, it has only low and high alarms.

Besides, you cannot turn it off. It will always in on position even though you do not need to use that detector.

Currently, this oxygen gas detector is sold at35% off. I do not know how long it will be kept at that price. So, hurry up. Check it here.

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