NuFlare Technology Installs kSA ICE Tools for MOCVD Reactors

k-Space Associates, a leading supplier of advanced instrumentation and software for the surface science and thin-film technology industries, announced that NuFlare Technology, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor equipment, has installed multiple kSA ICE (Integrated Control for Epitaxy) in situ metrology tools for process monitoring and control.

These tools measure real-time wafer temperature, curvature, and reflectance for NuFlare’s custom, multi-chamber MOCVD reactors focused on the growth of GaN on 200mm Si substrates.

The NuFlare MOCVD system can be configured with up to four, single-wafer, 200mm MOCVD process modules. k-Space worked with NuFlare to develop a custom tool that allows for simultaneous real-time measurement from multiple measurement heads on each process module from a single controller.

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