5 Nitrogen Gas Safety Hazards You Should Know

nitrogen gas safety hazards
Nitrogen is a multi purpose gas for the chemical industry. It is used extensively as raw material such as in ammonia production. It is also used as blanketing gas in flammable liquid storage tank.

Nitrogen gas is used to remove flammable gas or favour from a processing equipment before it is open for cleaning up or repairing. This gas is very important for safety.

However, do you know that nitrogen holds potential hazards? Have you identified nitrogen gas safety hazards? Unfortunately, nitrogen is tasteless, odourless and colourless. It is a silent killer gas like carbon monoxide.

If you thought that nitrogen is safe and does not contain any potential hazard for people, you are absolutely wrong. Please read the following nitrogen gas safety hazards to give you more cautions.

5 Nitrogen Gas Safety Hazards

  1. Nitrogen can cause oxygen deficiencies. The danger will increase if nitrogen is used in a confined space where limited air or ventilation exist. A simple safety tip for operation involving nitrogen is to measure oxygen contain in the atmosphere by using oxygen detector such as GA24XT-X form BW Technologies.
  2. Nitrogen is always stored under high pressure in liquid phase. Be careful when you operate nitrogen gas cylinder or liquid nitrogen.
  3. Never heat up or incinerate nitrogen gas cylinder or liquid storage since it will cause over pressure inside.
  4. When liquid Nitrogen contacts with skin, it can cause rapid suffocation.
  5. Beside suffocation, liquid nitrogen can also cause severe burning due to its very low temperature under zero.
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