New Industrial Wheels Reduce Risk of Injury

One important resource that nearly any factory has to offer is the use of assembly carts for transporting materials to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible. These carts rely heavily on the heavy-duty caster wheels that allow for cart mobility of loads that weigh thousands of pounds or more.

Mobility of heavy loads in a factory setting is a very important issue that should be evaluated when laying out a factory, as well as assigning labor to employees of that factory.

Heavy-duty caster wheels allow employees to move loads that weigh thousands of pounds or more easily, without straining themselves.

Overexertion injuries can cause companies large amounts of money, which is a very serious, as well as costly risk for manufacturing plants.

Caster Concepts has introduced a new style of heavy-duty caster wheels that can help to eliminate these overexertion challenges that manufacturing plants have to worry about.

These heavy-duty caster wheels are called Twin Wheel Ergonomic or TWERGO wheels, which help eliminate 25 percent on average of starting forces, turns, maneuvers, compared to conventional casters. Not only does this starting force reduction lower the risk of injury, but it also allows for increased factory productivity.

Lukman Nulhakiem

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