My Top 10 Chemical Engineering T Shirt Quotes

chemical engineering t shirt quotes
I was graduated from chemical engineering. It has passed almost 15 years since that day. But, until now I still love t-shirt with chemical engineering quotes. I don’t know why or it is a sign that I love chemical engineering field so much.

There were many chemical engineering t-shirt quotes created during my study. But, not all of them have attracted my interest.

I have list my own top 10 chemical engineering t-shirt quotes. You may have same favorites quotes with me. If not, it is cool if you can mention your favorite chemical engineering t-shirt quotes here on the comment column below.

Let’s see my top choices.

My Top 10 Chemical Engineering T-Shirt Quotes

  1.  Never, but never, question the engineer’s judgement.
  2. I’m an engineer. I’m good with math.
  3. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.
  4. Chemical engineers. Just like regular people, only much smarter.
  5. Property of the chemical engineering department.
  6. Professional chemical engineer. Do not attempt this at home.
  7. Keep calm and love a chemical engineer.
  8. Do not make me use my chemical engineer voice.
  9. Chemical engineering, all the cool kids are doing it.
  10. Quiet please, chemical engineer at work.

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