Measuring Absolute Temperature Made Easy

Michigan-based k-Space is one of the leaders in developing thin-film analysis tools. Last month, the company announced the launch of a new product, kSA Spectra Temp. kSA Spectra Temp is a one of a kind instrument that is able to fine tune on its own and deliver absolute temperature measurements.

Normally, absolute temperatures are very challenging to capture. With this new tool, however, it will be possible to obtain absolute temperature in an instance, says k-Space CEO D. Barlett. The new instrument does not require immediate contact to deliver temperature measurements; it is optically based and can assess temperatures of various semiconductors (wafers, metals, ceramics, and many others).

This innovative, patented tool provides a user friendly method of operation in an instant; the customer will simply be able to read the temperature from the screen.

This new temperature measuring tool comes with several components: a spectrometer unit, data software, fiber and optics head. The range of the temperature depends on the character of the body, either over three hundred and fifty degrees or over a hundred and eighty degrees.

For this powerful system to operate, a computer is needed. K-Space advises to buy a laptop from k-Space for ease of operation. The computer comes preloaded with all the software and tested prior to use. The product is introduced worldwide, i.e. USA, Europe, China, India, South Korea and Japan.

The introduction of this tool is great news for solar industry in general – manufacturers will be able to avoid errors, they can make the process faster and save time to gather absolute temperature; that will increase efficiency, and solar power customers will benefit from this highly effective tool as well, as with yield and quality improvement, the prices on solar cells might go down even further.

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