Magliner Hand Trucks Review

This article will review Magliner hand trucks. Hand trucks are moving equipments that are commonly used for moving many kinds of goods. You can use this for moving documents to spare-parts.

Magliner has released many hand trucks with several options that can be selected to meet your needs. Magliner hand trucks will help you fulfill your hand trucks needs.

In general, there are two kinds of Magliner hand trucks, i.e. convertible hand trucks and nonconvertible hand trucks. Convertible Magliner hand trucks can be used horizontally or vertically when it brings load.

Nonconvertible Magliner hand trucks can only be used vertically. Please look at the image below to see both Magliner hand trucks types.

magliner hand trucks

Features of Magliner Hand Trucks

When you choose Magliner hand trucks, the first thing you should think is load capacity. How many pounds it can convey load.

Magliner hand trucks are made of light weight material (aluminum), but they are strong. So that’s why Magliner hand trucks weight are only 24 to 27 pounds. It reduces greatly user fatigue.

Magliner hand trucks have several dimensions of nose-plate and overall size. Just consider your needs and choose the right ones.

Magliner hand trucks offer several types of wheels. There are pneumatic, foam and cushion wheels available.

Another great feature of Magliner hand trucks is its modular design. With such design, all parts are replaceable. This means that you have big chance to reduce your cost in the long run.

It is also no problem if you have to move goods through stairs since Magliner hand trucks are equipped with stair climbers.

Magliner Hand Trucks Product Series

Okay, now we will see 3 Magliner hand trucks that are available in the market. Just click on provided links to get detail information about each  product.

TitleMagliner Aluminum Hand Truck Loop Handle Pneumatic Wheels 115A-A-1060Magline GMK81UA4 Gemini Sr Convertible Hand Truck, Pneumatic Wheels, 500 lbs Load Capacity, 61" Height, 55-3/4" Length x 21" WidthMagliner HMK111AM1-C5 Two Wheel Hand Truck with Stair Climbers
FeatureLoop handle 52" overall height
14" wide noseplate
10" pneumatic (air) tires
2 in 1 truck converts from 2 to 4 wheels in seconds
High capacities reduce number of trips per day, increasing productivity
Strong, lightweight construction reduces user fatigue
Modular design means no welds to break, all parts are replaceable for longer product life
Lowers driver fatigue by reducing muscle strain
Magliner aluminum hand truck 48" tall with 14" x 7-1/2" noseplate.
Lightweight Aluminum Hand Truck
Stair Climbers included.
8" X 1-1/2" Aluminum Mold-on Rubber Wheels
Rating3.5 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
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