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Perry Videx is proud to stock a range of different forms of used equipment from well known and reputed manufacturers such as Lödige Process Technology.

The Ploughshare® mixer’s inventor, Brothers Lödige Maschinenbrau GmbH, is one of the leading equipment and subsystems providers in the world for industrial mixing technologies. Since 1938, Lödige has been a proud manufacturer of high quality equipment. Its manufacturing sites and offices are located around the globe.

Lödige manufactured equipment is cross industry and is consistently of the highest quality. They are providers of subsystems for applications in process engineering in areas of granulation, mixing, coating, drying, as well as allied processes.

Lödige Mixer Equipment:

Mixing occurs when a minimum of two different substances are brought together in order to create a single homogeneous mixture. The beginning physical state of the materials that are mixed together can be solid, liquid, or gaseous.

Good quality mixing equipment will create either a system that is either static or dynamic. A static mixer is a system that has been permanently installed. Here, a product flows through the mixer, and that equipment’s mixing effect occurs as a result of the swirling flow through those items which have been permanently installed. The starting materials must be able to be pumped if they are to be used within a static mixer.

On the other hand, there are also dynamic mixers. There are several forms of this equipment, one of which is the free fall mixer. Among the most commonly recognized examples of a free fall type is the cement mixer, which has a drum that continually rotates within a mixer chamber in order to combine the elements that it contains. When the elements are mixed together, the materials that were added to be combined are selectively accelerated and are moved around relative to each other. Different states of motion can occur depending on the mixing elements’ design.

One of the most popular mixers that is produced by Lödige, which first introduced it into the processing industry, is the Ploughshare® mixer. Its geometric shovel shape and peripheral speed, within a cylindrical and horizontal drum lift the mixing components from the product bed by rotating the shovel close to the wall, and scooping them from the drum’s wall, counteracting the centrifugal force.

This way, a mechanically generated fluid bed makes sure that there is the maximum possible mixing intensity even when there is the shortest residence times and highest feed rates. The mixing elements are specially shaped to make certain that the product is conveyed in the best possible way.

An additional option for this equipment is to have choppers installed within the mixing drum so that agglomerates can be properly dispersed and so that granulation can be properly controlled throughout the mixing process.

By buying a used Lödige mixer, you can take advantage of highly competitive prices and immediate delivery. Contact Perry Videx to learn more about our inventory of used mixers and to discuss your unique needs.

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