IBC Container Accessories You Need To Know

ibc container accessories
For those who use IBC or Intermediate Bulk Container as packaging, IBC container accessories needs to be ready and stored in adequate quantity.

However, not all IBC manufacturers provides IBC container accessories. The main reason of this is because they sell IBC as a complete unit. According to my experiences, there are IBC manufacturers who protect the accessories from being replaced. This mainly applies for discharging valve.

Those IBC manufacturers do not sell IBC container accessories at all. So, before procuring any IBC brand, you have to make sure that you can procure the IBC container accessories from them.

4 Common IBC Container Accessories

What I write here is referred to my own experiences dealing with IBC so far. Commonly, there are four IBC container accessories that can be procured from the manufacturer. They include discharge valve, screw cap, valve cap and valve cap o-ring.

Sometimes, certain manufacturer mentions that IBC bottle, frame and skid pallet as IBC container accessories too. But, in our case we will not treat it as accessories since the replacement cost is major.

Discharge valve: the valve type may vary and depends on liquid handled by the IBC. Material choice will be based on the same consideration.

Valve cap: this item is installed to cover the valve and completed with o-ring. Material of both accessories are chosen by considering liquid being handled.

Screw cap: screw cap is used to cover the inlet liquid of the IBC. Screw cap may have o-ring and vent for air release from the IBC. But, in most cases screw cap has no vent at all.

Mixed IBC As An Alternative

Some of you may never heard about this term before. Mixed IBC is kind of IBC that uses used frame/skid pallet and new bottle as well as new accessories. The price is about 50% to 75% of new IBC. This may be a good alternative to decrease IBC cost.

Mixed IBC has no UN certification. So be careful if UN certification must be fulfilled by your company. In general, mixed IBC is used for one time use.

Not all IBC manufacturers can offer mixed IBC. You have to contact them to make sure this item.

Used IBC is another alternative. But, think the purpose. If it is for internal use, it may be no problem. But, if it is used for your customer, don’t forget to do perfect inspection and specification confirmation.

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