How To Treat Quickly a Hydrochloric Acid Burn On The Skin

How To Treat a Hydrochloric Acid Burn On The Skin

If you usually use hydrochloric acid in the workplace, suppose for chemical cleaning or pure water production, then you have to be careful with the hydrochloric acid burn.

Hydrochloric acid is a hazardous chemical. It is a very corrosive liquid. When it contacts your skin, you may suffer skin burn, itching, redness, inflammation and or swelling of exposed tissues. The severity will depend on hydrochloric acid concentration and duration of contact.

Then, how to treat a hydrochloric acid burn on the skin?

Immediately, flush your skin with plenty of water at least for 15 minutes. More than 15 minutes is recommended. You can use cold water for this case. At the same time, remove contaminated clothing, shoes, and gloves, and wash them with soap before reuse.

After that, cover the contacted skin with an emollient. Get medical treatment immediately.

Do not panic when your skin contacts with hydrochloric acid. Just take water source and flush your skin with water at least for 15 minutes.

That’s how to treat a hydrochloric acid burn on the skin.

Hydrochloric Acid On Skin Video

To see how hydrochloric acid burn on your skin actually works, you can watch the explainer video below. There are some parts of the video that may cause you inconvenient.


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