How To Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

Amazon ImageAccording to my calculation, cooling tower water consumption contributes around 30~40% to the total water consumption in the plant. This value is getting bigger and bigger as cooling tower performance getting worst and worst.

This fact forces me to seek ways on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption while keeping cooling tower operates at its optimum performance.

Reducing cooling tower water consumption does not mean only to save water itself, but at the same time reducing cooling water chemicals and waste-water discharge from the cooling tower.

Knowing how to reduce cooling tower water consumption is very important in order to reduce cooling tower operating costs as overall. But, cooling water quality should never be neglected while doing this effort.

Guides to How to Reduces Cooling Tower Water Consumption

There are many ways how o reduce cooling tower water consumption. May be you have got the ideas. But, the following guide will give you more insight to this case.

Cooling Tower Management
This guide gives a basic overview about cooling tower operation, water cycle, cooling tower maintenance and ways how to improve water efficiency across cooling tower.

Cooling Tower Water Management
Learn how to optimize water consumption for a cooling tower through water cycle number optimization.

Cooling Tower Water Saving Strategies
A detail strategy on how to save water from common cooling tower water loses points, i.e. from evaporation, drift, blow down, leaks, overflow and make up water.

Cooling Tower Efficiency Manual
A how to manual that guides how to operate cooling tower in optimum efficiency and reduce its operating costs.

Increasing Cooling Tower Water Efficiency
A case study from California Institute of Technology on how to reduce water loss from evaporation and blow down.

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