How to Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

how to reduce cooling tower water consumption
Water consumption is one of the most important aspects of a cooling tower operation. It contributes significantly to overall cooling tower operating cost beside electric and chemical costs.

To optimize water consumption, all you need to know is water consumption details in a cooling tower. When you know this well, then it will be a lot of easier for you to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

This article is purposed to provide practical tips on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

Practical Tips on How To Reduce Cooling Tower Water Consumption

Amazon ImageWater in a cooling tower is consumed for make up water, evaporation loss, blow down, leakage, overflow and drift.

The following practical guides can give you ideas on how to reduce cooling tower water consumption.

Basic Water Use in Cooling Tower
Learn how water is used in a cooling tower. By knowing where water is consumed, you can start setting up water saving strategies.

Water Conservations in Cooling Towers
This guideline has been prepared to assist the owners and operators of cooling towers in reducing cooling tower water consumption while keeping required its performance.

Cooling Tower Water Savings
A 32 pages report from the California Statewide Utility Codes and Standards Programs

Cooling Tower Water Saving Strategies
Strategic efforts on reducing water loss through evaporation, drift, blow-down, leakage and make up water.

How to Improve Water Efficiency in Cooling Tower
A fact sheet from US Department of Energy. In this document you can learn about introduction, overview, structure, basic cooling tower terms, types of towers, important properties of water, system calculations, factors that limit cycles of concentration, system concerns and treatment options.

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