How To Clean Safety Shoes

how to clean safety shoes
Safety shoes is one of the most important personal protective equipment used by every worker in the workplace. In chemical plant where liquid
chemical spills, wet floor, gravel, soil and dust exist, safety shoes is likely to be easy to get dirt.

So, chemical plant operators and engineers need to clean their safety shoes more frequent than office workers.

How to clean safety shoes requires almost same procedure with leather shoes. What you need to do this is a soft brush, leather shoes cleaner, shoes polish and dry cloth.

Amazon ImageA leather kit cleaner like ReviveX Leather Boot Care Kit is a perfect kit for cleaning safety shoes.

Here is how to clean safety shoes:

  1. Remove dirt on the shoes surface with soft brush.
  2. Flip the shoes. Look at the bottom of it. Small size stone or metal may be slipped. Use small wooden stick or something like that to take them out.
  3. Use a dry cloth to rub whole surface of the safety shoes until clean. Sometimes, a slightly wet cloth is required to clean dirt from the shoes. It is okay.
  4. Leave the safety shoes until it is dry completely.
  5. Apply cleaner with dry cloth on the whole surface of the safety shoes.
  6. Finally, apply shoes polish like Kiwi Color Shine to make it shining.

That’s it. That’s how to clean safety shoes. It is easy, right?

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