How to Choose the Best Industrial Caster for the Job

Because industrial casters and wheels are used for such a range of extreme tasks, from moving railroad cars and 35,000 pound pipes to transporting jet engines and performance stages, there are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best industrial caster for your needs.

Industrial casters that are properly chosen will prevent workplace accidents and damage, productivity loss, and maintenance issues. Without proper selection of the following criteria, the caster is likely to fail in its purpose.

First, you must ensure proper sizing of the ball bearings in the swivel section based on the needed weight-bearing capacity of the swivel section.

Next, you should determine whether a cold-stamped swivel section will meet your needs or whether you need a more expensive, more durable and larger hot-forged swivel section.

And lastly, you need to determine the width of the leg and the thickness of the material the leg is made out of, based on considerations including loading environment, side thrust and trailing position force.

If these selection criteria sound like a foreign language to you, you can contact a caster manufacturer that can assist you in finding the best caster for your needs.

Lukman Nulhakiem

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