How To Check Safety Helmet Expiry Date

Amazon ImageSafety helmet has working life or expiry date. You cannot use it as long as you feel there is no problem with it. Standard safety helmet expiry date may differ from one country to another country. But, the principle is same.

So, how to check safety helmet expiry date? According to Australian Standard AS/NZ 1800:1998 code about Care and Maintenance of Occupational Protectives Helmets, Section 3.4, states that a safety helmet has a working life or expiry date of 3 years.

How to Check Safety Helmet Expiry Date Quickly

To calculate safety helmet expiry date, we should know the issue date of the helmet. Do not misunderstand with manufacturing date. Manufacturing date will come earlier than the issue date.

In simple word, issue date is the date when safety helmet used for the first time. We should stick the issue date sticker on the inner part of the shell. This makes replacement easy.

And it is better if we can make expiry date list in Microsoft Excel as the backup data when the issue date sticker is missing.

Manufacturing date is usually embossed on the shell of the safety helmet. You can look at the photo below as an example. In that photo, the safety helmet was manufactured in March 2012.

how to check safety helmet expiry date
Most safety helmet manufacturers recommend expiry date between 4 to 5 years. In addition, there is no ANSI standard that mentions safety helmet expiry date.

So, in conclusion, there is one standard that clearly mentions how to check safety helmet expiry date, i.e. Australian Standard. You can check other standards as a comparison. Or you can use 5 years as the expiry date.

However, if you find any damage on safety helmet before the expiry date comes, replace it immediately.

Keeping all the safety helmets under their expiry dates will ensure workplace safety as a whole.

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