How Good Is Your Lifting Tools Maintenance?

lifting tools for barrel
A man was injured due to chemical spills while workers were hoisting barrels of chemicals for storage at 3V Chemical Co., in Georgetown,  on last 27 November 2013.

At that incidenthoist cable was broken and 4 barrels of chemicals were felt down, where 3 barrels were busted open.

After reading this story, I remembered about my workplace situation. I mean how we maintain hoist cable. In that accident, hoist cables were broken and caused barrels felt down to the ground.

I don’t know about your situation and how you maintain such lifting tool to ensure its performance and safety operation. However, through this post I would like to remind you including myself about lifting tools inspection and maintenance that may be out of our schedule.

The Importance of Lifting Tools Maintenance

Amazon ImageGood condition of lifting tools are very important for safety due to two reasons. It moves heavy load and at the same time elevates it to a higher level from the ground. When it could not stand to hold that load, falling hazards will occur and it will cause injury and death. If it is poorly maintained, incident at 3V Chemical Co is likely to happen at your workplace.

So, I want to ask this question to you. Have you have a regular schedule for inspection and maintenance of lifting tools?

Have you established a reliable Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to do that inspection and maintenance?

In some cases, the condition may more severe due to lifting tools are not used frequently. Suppose lifting tools are only used during plant turnaround only when heavy equipments are overhauled. Chain block is a common example for this case.

Infrequently use of lifting tools makes people easy to forget to do inspection and maintenance.

Based on my experience, chain block is commonly not stored and kept in good condition and proper storage area. It is left at beam right over machinery and exposed to humidity. Then, naturally corrosion reduces its performance time to time.

Final Notice for Safety

Incident happened at 3V Chemical Co shall encourage us to have better lifting tools inspection and maintenance. Besides, local government in your area may also regulate that lifting equipment has to be inspected by government in regular period.

Again this shall encourages you to have better inspection and maintenance programs for all lifting tools under your management.

I know good maintenance is not the only factor of having good lifting tools. Design of lifting capacity and strength shall be the main consideration when purchasing lifting tools.

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