Honeywell Industrial CO Detectors Review

honeywell industrial CO detectors
Carbon monoxide (CO) is highly toxic gas, which can cause injury and death in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, this gas is tasteless, odorless and colorless. So, that’s why a carbon monoxide detector is very important in chemical industries where carbon monoxide exposure exists.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors are detecting devices for oxygen, H2S, carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible gases in industrial environment.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors use electrochemical sensor  technology to detect carbon monoxide level. This is the best technology for carbon monoxide detection.

With unit weight of only 0.8 pounds, this makes Honeywell industrial CO detectors (Analytic IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ Force 4-Gases Detector) can be brought easily even to an elevated area or confined spaces such as tank, reactor and vessel.

Main Features of Honeywell Industrial CO Detectors

Amazon ImageHoneywell industrial CO detectors IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ Force are hand-held tools that are suitable for field officers or operators.

Now, we will see the main features of Honeywell industrial CO detector:

  • This unit can detect carbon monoxide in ambient air along with other hazardous gases such as H2S and combustible continuously.
  • Honeywell IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ uses rechargeable lithium battery, which can be operated for 22 hour per charge.
  • The unit is able to detect CO gas from 0 to 999 ppm with measuring accuracy of 1 ppm at maximum temperature of 11oF
  • LCD screen displays measuring results in ppm of CO. This displays not only CO but H2S, oxygen and combustible gases at the same time along with battery level, calibration status, alarm condition, self-test status and bump.
  • Honeywell industrial CO detectors has multi alarms (audio, visual and vibration) for alerting people simultaneously when certain CO level is detected.
  • This unit can be operated through one push button easily.
  • 200 measurement data can be stored in the unit and can be transferred to a PC or laptop via an infrared USB.
  • Honeywell IQ-XWY-B-NA IQ is certified with CE and ATEX.

Honeywell industrial CO detectors are must-have tools for safety and they are life savers from hazardous gases (CO and H2S).

Honeywell is a strong brand in industrial equipments and tools. So you don’t have to worry about its product quality and reliability.

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