Heatless Air Dryer Working Principle

heatless air dryer working principle
Heatless air dryer is a very common equipment used to produce dried air from compressed air for various purposes. No heat is used to remove moisture from the air to meet a certain dried air quality.

Good understanding on heatless air dryer working principle can help you operating air dryer system better and taking proper countermeasure on its troubles.

The following tutorial describes about heatless air dryer working principle.

Heatless Air Dryer Working Principle

Dried air is simply produced from compressed air. Compressed air still has high moisture content. This moisture content must be removed from the air to meet certain air quality.

Amazon ImageMoisture content removal is done through drying process without introducing heat into the flow. So, the process is called by heatless drying.

A heatless air dryer consists of two columns. Each one is filled with desiccant. Compressed air flows through both columns. This process is called by air drying. At a certain time interval, one of the column will change automatically from air drying to regeneration.

Regeneration needs to be done because the desiccant is already saturated. It is done by introducing dried air into the column. Moisture will be removed from desiccant into dried air. At the end, desiccant will become in fresh condition again.

Air drying process is usually done from bottom to top of drier column and regeneration is reversely.

Sequence between drying and regeneration processes is done in auto mode. The interval time is set up by time or based on moisture content of the treated air.

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