Best Handheld Label Maker Reviews

handheld label maker reviews
DYMO Label Manager 160 is best seller handheld label maker on With more than 900+ reviews, this product is currently getting 4 stars review.

Handheld label maker is a necessary tool required by almost all works including in chemical plant. We use this tool to give label on helmet, sparepart boxes in warehouse, bottle label in laboratory, document labelling and so on. Of course there are infinite numbers of things that required handheld label makers.

In this article, you can find best handheld label maker reviews that I have written. The best product I chosen is DYMO Label Manager 160. It is when I am writing this article is sold at $9.99 or you get discount of $30.80 or 76% discount.

Main Features of DYMO Label Manager  160 – The Best Handheld Label Maker

What I like most from DYMO Label Manager 160 is the qwerty keyboard. It is very easy to format any label and make the label fast. Hassle free!

Here are the main features of DYMO Label Manager 160:

  • Multi purpose label maker
  • Many formats can be made: bold, italics, underline, six font sizes, eight text styles, four boxes
  • Built in 228 clip arts and images
  • One touch print with print preview ability
  • Last label memory. No need to retype
  • Label width can be adjusted to 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch
  • Qwerty keyboard style
  • Utilizes common D1 label cassettes
  • Obtains water-resistant label. It can be use for outdoor purpose.
  • Produces easy-peel label. Hassle free label.
  • Light weight, easy to carry. It is only 1.2 pounds.
  • 6 AAA battery power to run.
  • Auto power off function to save battery life
  • Results efficient print without having longer print

The Cons of DYMO Label Manager 160

Beyond its main features, DYMO Label Manager 160 does not have features that for you may be not enough:

  • Has no PC connectivity
  • Alternative AC power is not available
  • Has no ability to print bar-code


DYMO Label Manager 160 is best seller handheld label maker sold on Its advantages are huge and I think this tool can fulfill your label need, except if you need PC connectivity and bar-code printing. Visit to see the real product.

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