Hand Pumps For 55 Gallon Drums

hand pumps for 55 gallon drums
In the previous post, I have written a review about 55 gallon plastic drums. Now, it is the time to review hand pumps for 55 gallon drums, which can be used both for 55 gallon plastic drums and 55 gallon metal drums.

Hand pumps for 55 gallon drums are used as transferring equipments from drums to other containers, packaging or small vessels before liquids are transferred to storage tanks. In some cases, hand pumps are used to feed the end users.

Hand pumps for 55 gallon drums can be double-direction or one-direction. With double-direction type, you can transfer liquid from drums or into the drum.

Meanwhile, for one-direction type, you can only use it to transfer liquid out of the drum. This is the most common type used in chemical industry.

Choose the Right Specification of Hand Pumps for 55 Gallon Drums

Besides hand pump types, you should also consider several other things before determining the best hand pumps for 55 gallon drums.

The following items that needs to be considered when selecting hand pumps for 55 gallons drums:

  1. Capacity: select the one that fits your need
  2. Pump material: choose hand pumps with compatible material to liquid pump will handle
  3. Fixed or adjustable suction: adjustable suction height is considerable for various drum size not only 55 gallon drums
  4. How to operate the hand pumps: leversiphon and rotary

Recommended Hand Pumps for 55 Gallon Drums

The following hand pumps for 55 gallon drums are now available on Amazon.com. Each pump has different operating method. Choose one that is suitable with your requirement.

Do not forget to consider the above items that I have mentioned.

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