Hand Gloves For Acid Handling

hand gloves for acid handling
Handling acid and other hazardous chemicals require extra care. Acid is a substance with low pH and can cause irritation to eyes and skin. Using eyes and skin protections are definitely important. Hand gloves for acid handling with arm protection will protect your hand and arm.

Hand gloves for acid handling shall be worn every time you are handling acids regardless what kind of acids your are handling.

Polyco Vyflex Boa 35 cm Large Flexible PVC  Chemical Resistant Gloves are hand gloves for acid handling. It is a quality product from Polyco. This is a famous hand gloves for acid handling on Amazon.co.uk.

Polyco Vyflex Boa 35 cm  Hand Gloves for Acid Handling Specification

Polyco Vyflex Boa 35 cm are ideal hand gloves for acid handling. It is made of material that resists acid attack. Here are the advantages of Polyco Vyflex:

  • Acid resistant. Besides, it also resists to other chemicals and oils
  • Provided exceptional warmth and comfort
  • Good tear resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • The anatomical shape reduces hand fatigue
  • Ha anti static properties

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