How To Prevent Hand And Finger Injuries In The Workplace

hand and finger injuries in the workplace
In 1987, there were 320,000 hand and finger injuries in the workplace in the US. Meanwhile, recent report taken from states that there were 110,000 lost time due to hand injuries annually.

Despite those bad statistics, principally hand and finger injuries in the workplace are preventable. As long as you follow working procedure, instruction and  safety best practices, and wear the right PPE, you don’t need to worry about.

You must ensure that you know exactly how to prevent it before doing any job that has possibility to injure either your hand or your finger.

The following are practical tips on preventing hand and finger injuries in the workplace.

12 Tips on How To Prevent Hand and Finger Injuries in The Workplace

  1. Identify activities or jobs with hand and finger safety hazards. Explore all of activities or jobs that have been done including those which are planned to be done.
  2. Always apply hazard elimination and engineering control as the first priority. Using hand gloves is the final hazard control.
  3. Always use correct hand glove for each specific job requirement.
  4. Ensure that hand gloves are provided in adequate number and right specification near the point of use.
  5. Never use damage hand gloves.
  6. Never use improper hand gloves even though you have to stop your job.
  7. Supply only hand gloves that are comfortable with worker’s hand. Otherwise, they will take it off.
  8. Don’t forget to train workers within your organization. It will much impact their safety skills.
  9. Apply good control system in the workplace to control the usage of hand gloves.
  10. Encourage workers to ask a change for their gloves at any time if they find their hand gloves have a problem.
  11. Safety slogans can act as a reminder for workers about the importance of hand gloves. Use them appropriately to promote hand gloves
  12. Remind workers about hand and finger injuries through daily safety talk.
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